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Bhangu Hospital is situated in Sanghol, the historical city of punjab owned by Dr. Jagroop Singh Bhangu. Being an owner of Bhangu Ayurvedic center and Hospital is a pride of me as we become very populer. We are providing nature ayurvedic medicines.

As you know, passion is often the driving force behind the successful passion ventures. It was my passion to provide the natural ayurvedic medicines to the patients of Punjab. I got the degree in Ayurveda and started the clinic with a passion for serving patients in 2016 my commitment to providing not just ayurvedic medicines but also ensuring its purity without any harmful chemicals reflects my dedication to our patients well being.

from a small clinic often requires perseverance and a deep understanding of your patients needs. It’s a testament of hard work, dedication and quality of medicines and serving we provide that we have successfully expanded in entire country and also delivering medicines in other countries like UK, USA, canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Now, we have branches and expanding our branches throughout punjab is a significant achievement and a testament to the popularity and success of Bhangu ayurvedic center.

 With each new branch, we have the opportunity to introduce our natural medicines and exceptional service to even more patients.

 We are focusing on patient health and their satisfaction which also gives us enthusiasm and confidence. Consistance in the quality of medicines and reliability of services helps us build a strong reputation and keep patients coming back.

The patients who look for natural and safe treatment, Bhangu ayurvedic center is the first choice for all.

Our key focus is to expand Ayurveda because Ayurveda is a holistic and straight forward treatment that proves to be a fantastic cure for chronic diseases. On the other hand allopathic treatment gives only temporary relief and has various side effects on body.

Currently, we are treating patients with ayurvedic medicines and we are expanding our services shortly with Panch karma.

To reach us in no time, our Social Media Links are given below :

Facebook: drjagroopbhangu

Instagram: drjagroop bhangu

youtube: dr jagroop bhangu

Contact us:


Address: Bhangu Hospital, Sanghol, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib Punjab (India) 140802

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