From 0 to 1500 Crore in a Year: The Role of a Digital Marketing Agency

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Gruner Renewable Energy’s Meteoric Rise with the Help of Digital Marketing

**Noida, India – June 13, 2024:** In a story that has taken the renewable energy sector by storm, Gruner Renewable Energy, an EPC provider for BioCNG Plants and Pumps, has achieved a remarkable milestone, growing from inception to a staggering valuation of 1500 crore within a year. Founded in February 2023, the company’s rapid ascent can be largely attributed to the strategic use of social media and digital marketing, handled by the dynamic team at Budgetpe Pvt Ltd, a bootstrapped digital marketing agency based in Noida.

The Power of Social Media: A Game Changer for Gruner Renewable Energy

Starting their social media presence in March 2023, Gruner Renewable Energy leveraged well-articulated strategies across multiple platforms. Contrary to the popular belief that Facebook ads are no longer effective, it was indeed Facebook advertising that played a pivotal role in their success. Lead generation on Facebook, coupled with organic branding on social media through right content marketing, resulted in a significant number of conversions despite their high ticket size of 9.99 crore per project.

Within the first six months, Gruner Renewable Energy secured construction projects for 42 plants, helping them reach a revenue of 100 crore. The turning point came when a lead from Reliance Industries emerged, propelled by the effective LinkedIn profile management of CEO Utkarsh Gupta. This credibility, showcasing their knowledge and innovative methods, culminated in a multi-million deal for 25 projects, catapulting them into the forefront of the renewable energy industry. By the end of their first year, Gruner Renewable Energy had surpassed the 1000 crore mark and is now valued at 1500 crore.

Behind the Scenes : Budgetpe Pvt Ltd  – The Digital Marketing Wizards

Curious to uncover the minds behind this extraordinary digital transformation, we delved into the operations ofBudgetpe Pvt Ltd. This Noida-based digital marketing agency, despite being bootstrapped, demonstrated exceptional expertise and commitment in elevating Gruner Renewable Energy’s online presence.

The Team that Made It Happen

The core social media team at Budgetpe Pvt Ltd, consisting of Ankit Sharma, Sheetal, and Amit Kumar Prajapati, has been instrumental in crafting and executing the digital marketing strategies that led to this phenomenal growth. Their innovative approach to content marketing, precise targeting for lead generation, and strategic management of social media platforms have proven to be a winning combination.

Ankit Sharma, the CTO, emphasized the importance of understanding the client’s vision and translating it into engaging online content. “Our goal was to create a strong digital footprint for Gruner Renewable Energy that not only showcased their expertise but also connected with their audience on a deeper level,” said Sharma.

Sheetal, the Marketing Head, highlighted the role of high-quality, informative content in building trust and credibility. “We focused on delivering value through our content, addressing the pain points of our audience and providing solutions through Gruner’s innovative offerings,” she explained.

Amit Kumar Prajapati, the PPC Head, shared insights into their Facebook advertising strategy. “Despite the skepticism around Facebook ads, we knew that with the right approach, we could achieve substantial results. Our targeted campaigns were designed to reach potential clients who were genuinely interested in sustainable energy solutions,” he noted.

A Testament to the Power of Digital Marketing

The success story of Gruner Renewable Energy is a testament to the transformative power of strategic digital marketing. Budgetpe Pvt Ltd’s role in this journey underscores the impact that a dedicated and skilled digital marketing team can have on a company’s growth trajectory.

As Gruner Renewable Energy continues to lead the charge in the renewable energy sector, Budgetpe Pvt Ltd stands as a shining example of how even a bootstrapped digital marketing agency can drive extraordinary success through innovation, dedication, and strategic thinking.

For more information about Gruner Renewable Energy and Budgetpe Pvt Ltd, please visit their respective websites or contact their media relations teams.

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