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Where the entire country is now facing disappointment among students regarding NET after NEET, protests have erupted across the nation including Delhi. In Delhi, Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar, who is the former Additional DGP of Telangana, addressed the media saying that he himself and his children have been NEET aspirants and the way this whole NEET issue has surfaced, where NET exams will be held again, has caused immense disappointment among students, which is analogous to a crime against them and a huge injustice. Praveen Kumar explained that the conspiracy against these students endangers the nation’s future. Furthermore, significant protests have been held in Delhi against NEET, and a seminar will be held on June 30 at Shah Auditorium in Delhi, which is expected to be attended by thousands, who will advance its principles. Praveen Kumar emphasized that his aim is to bring forward the poor and backward class people in the field of education. If someone from their organization does not secure a job, they have arrangements to provide financial assistance so that they can also run the transformation school. It remains to be seen how far the SWAEROES network, led by Praveen Kumar, a former IPS officer who left his job to advance in the field of education, will go and how the state, the public, and the poor and backward classes will advance together shoulder to shoulder in the service of the nation.

A press conference was held at Ambedkar Bhavan in Delhi by the Swaeroes Network. The press conference was related to a seminar scheduled for 30th June 2024. Officials associated with the Swaeroes Network highlighted the significant role that the media will play in making this seminar successful. It was emphasized that media plays a crucial role in reaching out to more students with information about this seminar. Any idea or initiative remains incomplete without the support of the media. With media assistance, any change is possible. The Swaeroes Network appeals to the media to spread this message to as many students as possible, so that more young individuals can benefit from it.

The seminar scheduled for 30th June will provide guidance on study foundations and strategies for youth preparing for the Civil Services and PCS examinations. The Swaeroes Network aims to support students from poor and marginalized backgrounds. It will help them in their studies and provide a strong and reliable platform for their careers. Dr. RS Praveen, along with Rinku Rahi and several senior IAS officers, will share their thoughts with students during this seminar. This seminar holds great importance for youths preparing for Civil Services.

SWAEROES NETWORK in essence…….

The special mission of the Swaeroes Network is to break the chains bound to one’s feet. We are dedicated to creating an environment that operates like a self-sustaining operating system, allowing disadvantaged and needy individuals to realize their true potential. We believe that achieving this goal without making use of all available resources is possible. We have strong faith in the individual’s ability to break free from chains and in the collective capacity of communities. Frankly speaking, we do not have time to await our liberators. Our story is a reflection of the idea of Swero. It began in the most unusual circumstances in the state of Telangana in India. In 2012, nearly a hundred youth from former marginalized communities in Khammam district engaged in profound conversations, a result of which was the establishment of state-operated welfare institutions, by Dr. Praveen Kumar being one of the founders. They were surprised to find that most of them were either unemployed or employed in low-paying professions such as sanitation workers. Their plea for help went unnoticed everywhere. They were longing for a liberator who could alleviate their pain. Further investigation revealed they were divided along caste and sub-caste lines and working against each other psychologically. It was clear that they needed a new identity and ideology to bring them together with a new perspective. After much deliberation with all stakeholders, it was decided to name this new identity SWAERO. SW was standing for social welfare (now state welfare) and AERO was standing as a symbol of air and sky. It was immediately felt that merely changing identities would not alter the way people live their lives. Following extensive deliberations led by Dr. Praveen Kumar, the founding members formulated a code of conduct, now popularly referred to as the Ten Commandments (do not be deceived by the old rules of the Holy Bible).

“I am not inferior to anyone.

Wherever I reside, I will become a leader.

I will do what I like and be unique.

I will always think big and set high goals.

I will be honest, hardworking, and time-bound.

I will never blame others for my failures.

I will neither beg nor deceive.

I will repay what I borrow.

I will never fear the unknown.

I will never admit defeat.”

Since the emergence of this identity, the pace of welfare and educational institutions in neglected communities has started to climb. Along with quality education, hundreds and thousands of students, parents, and teachers have voluntarily begun to change their lifestyles to adopt this identity. This identity became so powerful that it propelled a modest but courageous tribal girl, Purna Malavath, to the summit of Mount Everest, making her the youngest woman in history to achieve this feat. In the same campaign, her comrade Anand Kumar, who hailed from a former marginalized background, was among the first boys to climb the same peak and raised the images of Dr. BR Ambedkar, a pioneer of social justice and the architect of the Indian Constitution, with S. R. Shankaran at the summit. He was a worker-official who devoted his life to liberating the underprivileged sections of society in India. This historic achievement not only instilled confidence in Telugu-speaking states but also in the poor of neighbouring states of India. Whether it is succeeding in national-level exams, sailing the seas, making strides in the skies, or entering prestigious universities in India, Swaeroes continued to soar despite obstacles. This saga of success is ongoing today and will continue beyond time and place. Our actions reflect our strong belief in Swaeroes that the journey to self-liberation should start with education. Education should not merely involve improving literacy; it is also important to understand the world around us with seriousness. We believe that the poor and marginalized should actively seek every opportunity and benefit from it to dive into the next class. In this process, all our activities revolve around learning. Whether it’s converting every household into a school or sending students to the best institutions worldwide, Swaeros never leave any stone unturned. We are committed to involving every stakeholder responsible for shaping a citizen in this transformation, be it parents, teachers, youth, communities, media, employees, or partner groups. We use every physical and psychological site open to experimentation to release those oppressed by self-imposed slavery. We do not oppose any caste, religion, or belief system from which our freedom was taken away. We hope to learn and work with every faith as long as it contributes to advancing our civilization with equality and justice. We welcome the support of anyone who truly believes that everyone is endowed with talent in this world and deserves equal opportunities. Our journey began in the Telugu-speaking states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on the Indian subcontinent. Besides education, we also focus on health because it is the most critical parameter that affects both learning and earning. We believe in and promote healthy living habits which significantly reduce medical intervention. The Fit India Foundation and LifeLine League are organizations leading this beneficial endeavor at the grassroots level. Our ultimate goal is to extend the lifespan of the poor through concerted community efforts. The poor remain dependent because they do not get the opportunity to stand on their own two feet. They are conditioned to believe in wage-based living and constant dependence. The Swaero philosophy aims to transform them into self-employed individuals and job providers. This necessitates the adoption of new languages and habits. A massive effort is underway in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in India to provide financial literacy to every disadvantaged family on a large scale. A modest start has already been made, and former students of welfare institutions are rapidly progressing within our network. We hope to learn from the experiences of many communities and organizations worldwide traveling on similar paths, emerging as responsible and duty-bound self-reliant units. Regardless of Protestant, Jewish, Mormon, or Marwari heritage, we agree that when money needs to be spent, it should not be wasted but saved and wisely invested. Our network encourages legal thrift and credit institutions such as SMS/CESCs promoting saving habits to develop into large-scale community funds useful for individuals who truly need financial resources for their self-employment ventures.

Keeping all aspects in mind, we have launched another initiative in the Education Revolution.

How a child from a poor home can fulfill their dream of entering the civil service…

Dr. RS Praveen IPS Former Additional DGP Telangana is organizing a free seminar under the guidance of the SWAEROES NETWORK to show the country’s youth the path to Civil Services and to provide them with free guidance for the country’s largest job opportunities, where Dr. RS Praveen IPS himself and experienced teachers will provide free guidance for preparing for the Civil Services exam.

How to remember what you’ve studied…

Many young people often face the problem of forgetting what they’ve studied, so there will be a special class of one and a half hours to address this issue.

Subjects for the class…

There will be classes on Current Affairs, Basic Science, Political Science, Indian Politics, Indian History, Geography, Constitution, Economics and other subjects.

How to use modern technology in studying…

There will be an important discussion on this as well, exploring how platforms like Twitter, Google Play, Android apps, and Google can make your Civil Service exam preparation easier.

“SWAEROES NETWORK – I too IAS – RS Prveen IPS Coaching Academy”

For this purpose, with the vision to provide financial literacy to the country’s talented yet economically weaker students, the SWAEROES NETWORK is considering opening a Full-Time Coaching Center, where there will be facilities for coaching center along with canteen and hostel.

All facilities for students could be provided free of cost.

Be at the venue on 30th June, Sunday 2024 morning

Seminar timings 30th June 2024 from 8:30 AM to 3 PM.

Seminar location

Shah Auditorium

Near ISBT Metro Station and ISBT Bus Stand

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