Parin Somani: The Record-Breaking Innovator Recognized by Guinness World Records”

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Prof. Dr. Parin Somani has been recognised in multiple World Record Books including the Guinness World Records, where she served as one of the lead editors of ‘The Thickest Book in the World,’ and lead editor of ’23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023’.

The record for the ‘Thickest Book in the World’ has been triumphantly broken, consisting of an astounding 100,100 pages. This monumental feat stands as a testament to the boundless effort, unwavering dedication, and collaborative spirit of a team comprising 292 participants. The sheer magnitude of this achievement is awe-inspiring, with the monumental book measure an impressive 5.80 meters (19 feet 0.34 inches) in height. Within its voluminous pages lie a treasure trove of 7,862 meticulously crafted articles, meticulously curated by nine lead editors and a dedicated team of 92 editors. Each page within this literary marvel is a testament to human ingenuity and boundless creativity.
To enhance the sense of honour and commemorate this achievement, Guinness World Records bestowed certificates upon 292 participants, acknowledging their pivotal role in making history. The first chapter, titled “23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023,” where Prof. Dr. Parin Somani serves as the lead editor, establishes the tone for this extensive literary undertaking. It showcases the remarkable endeavours and achievements of 23 influential individuals who have spurred significant change worldwide. Their narratives serve as a guiding light, inspiring readers to pursue a brighter future with fortitude and resilience in the face of life’s hardships.

In celebration of this remarkable achievement, a grand Gala Dinner was hosted at the historic and iconic Lord’s, the world-renowned cricket ground in London, on 3rd December 2023. The event was meticulously organised by the London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD), an eminent institution dedicated to advancing skill enhancement and knowledge dissemination.

This milestone not only reaffirms the strength of collaboration with ESN Publication but also the determination of highlighting the boundless potential of human creativity. The creation of the Guinness World Record ‘Thickest Book in the World’ and the book chapter therein titled “23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023,” stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and serves as a poignant reminder that, united, we can accomplish the extraordinary.

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani has also been recognised in several other World Record Books including: 5 times in World Book of Records, twice India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, twice Karnataka Book of Records, Golden World Book of Records, and Scholars Book of World Records, which all further solidify her status as a record-breaking luminary.

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani is a renowned Academic Scholar, the CEO and Director of the London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD ), Chief Editor of Global Research Journal, Educator TEDx Speaker, Author, International Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Multi-International Award Winner. She was Honoured and crowned a title of Mrs Universe 2022 by Bolloywood Actress Mahek Chahal, Winner of Enigma Mrs World 2022 in Thailand , Bollywood Actress Aditi Govitrikar crowned Winner of Mrs India 2021, Winner of Mrs BritAsian 2021 in London, Winner of Mrs Universe International 2021, Winner of Mrs India Global 2021 and a runner up of Mrs Queen of India 2021. She has earned 2 Academic Doctorates degrees and 6 Honorary Doctorates, underscoring her commitment to humanitarian and philanthropic causes globally.

Her academic pursuits, fervent commitment to skill development, and dedication to knowledge sharing have garnered invitations for her to deliver Keynote Addresses within conferences at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University, King’s College Cambridge University, New College Oxford University, and numerous others. In her global travels to 127 countries, Prof. Dr. Parin Somani tirelessly contributes to education, women empowerment, and youth development. On 8th March 2024 , International Women’s Day, Prof. Dr. Parin Somani received Woman of the Year Award and many more.

Her hard work and dedication led her to receiving multi-international awards like the Best Authors of the Year 2023, the Lifetime Achievement Award in Education at the Women of the Heart Award (WOHA), and the Wonder Woman Award 2023 from Woman of the World (WOW) and numerous others reflect the recognition of her outstanding dedication and unyielding spirit.

This has resulted in meeting various governing body officials including the Governors of various states around India.

Under Prof. Dr. Parin Somani’s leadership LOSD comprises of seven elements including:

  1. LOSD Publishing: Publishing & writing services
  2. Skillflex: LOSD Online Courses (Digital assert)
  3. Skillcast: LOSD Podcast
  4. LOSD Skills Live: Short Powerful Talk
  5. LOSD Excellence Awards: Recognising Individuals & Organisations
  6. LOSD Business Wellbeing Retreat: Mentorship & meditation
  7. Global Research Conferences & Global Research Journal: Opportunities to Present your research

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani is a beacon of inspiration and a paragon of excellence on the global stage. Her remarkable achievements, World Record Recognitions, unwavering dedication, and profound impact make her a true role model, inspiring countless individuals worldwide to aspire to greatness and make a positive difference in the world.

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