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ND Burger Hub (Namdhari Burger Hub) is situated in Malerkotla, the historical city of Punjab owned by S. Gursewak Singh Namdhari. Being an owner of ND Burger Hub is a pride for me as we become a popular brand. We are providing top-quality hygienic pure vegetarian food and ensuring on-time delivery which are crucial elements for success in the fast-food industry.

As you know, passion is often the driving force behind successful ventures. It was my passion to provide the best quality hygienic food to the customers of the city. I got the training from America and Australia and started the business with a passion for serving high-quality, hygienic, and pure vegetarian food in 2016 from a small restaurant by the name of ND Burger Hub.  Our commitment to providing not just delicious food but also ensuring its cleanliness and purity reflects our dedication to our customers’ well-being.

Starting the business from a small restaurant and growing it to where it is now is truly impressive! Growing from a small establishment often requires perseverance, adaptability, and a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences. It’s a testament to our hard work, dedication, and the quality of the food and service we provide that we have successfully expanded our business in the entire state. We are planning to expand our business in India and Internationally in the coming year 2025.

Now, we have branches all over the Punjab. Expanding our branches throughout Punjab is a significant achievement and a testament to the popularity and success of ND Burger Hub. Having multiple branches in the entire state, we are serving a wider range of customers, further solidifying our brand presence in the region.

With each new branch, we have the opportunity to introduce our high-quality food and exceptional service to even more people. We are focusing on customer satisfaction which also gives us enthusiasm and confidence for the expansion of the business.

Our commitment to delivering excellence in both areas is commendable and likely a big factor in our continued growth. Consistency in the quality and reliability of service helps us to build a strong reputation and keep customers coming back for more.

The people who look for healthy and hygienic food, ND Burger Hub is the first choice for all. Our key focus is to provide pure vegetarian and hygienic food for better health, and using desi ghee adds a delicious traditional touch to the dishes.

Desi ghee not only enhances the flavor but also has several health benefits. It’s great to prioritize both taste and quality in the food offerings. Due to these specifications, we are not only getting higher orders than the other brands but also affection and good complements. We got 1,332 Google reviews and this count is growing continuously.

Currently, we are serving fast-food items and beverages and we are expanding our menu shortly with Ice Cream.

Expanding into an Ice Cream Hub sounds like an exciting venture! Due to our customers’ demand for the best quality and on-time delivery to add ice cream to our offerings, we are setting up an ND Ice Cream Hub to innovate and grow our business. With our commitment to quality and service, I’m sure our ND Ice Cream Hub will be a hit just like ND Burger Hub.

Contact us:

Email : gursewakgyan@yahoo.in

Address:  ND Burger Hub, Opposite Kuka Memorial Samarak, Village Damam Mehli, Malerkotla Punjab (INDIA) – 148023   

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