BLUE STAR PUBLICATION™ Celebrates the Fusion of Creativity at Excellence in Innovation Award 2024

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BLUE STAR PUBLICATION ™ recently concluded its much-anticipated Excellence in Innovation Award Season 1, a spectacular occasion that brought together a group of gifted Artists from various fields such as Writing, Photography, and art. More than thirty artists utilized the event as a dynamic stage to showcase their talent and inventiveness, marking a significant milestone for the Artistic Community.

The event was enraptured by the extraordinary talent of distinguished artists including Dr. Khushboo Gupta, Maya S H, and Palak Chauhan, who were recognized as the TOP 3 notable personalities. Following our TOP 3 Artists, the following artists earned a spot in the Top 10; Dr. Sridevi Soundirarajan, Shroddha Mukharjee, Mulla Afsana, Reyansh Rinjith, Bindu Unnikrishnan, Pratyanshu Mohanty, and Shruti Verma, each leaving an indelible mark with their unique contributions.

Other individual Awardees of the Excellence in Innovation Award are Sneha Rani, Zeenat Merchant, Kayalvizhi S, Vrunda Baraiya, Devanshi Gaur, Karnika Vivek Verma, Shreya Kothari, Barnana Karmakar, Srishti, Achyut Umarji, Meenu Manikuttan, Chahat Jain, Bhanushree Agrawal, Mehfuza Sultana, Jahanvi Gadepalli, Deep Raika Latada, Divyanshi Rathour, Tanishq Sakhare, Mrunmayee Jayadas Pawar, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Srijita Bannerji.


The visionary leadership of Miss JANVI, the CEO and Founder of BLUE STAR PUBLICATION, as well as the significant efforts of Mr. JATIN GARG, the Co-Founder, and the entire Blue Star team, are to be thanked for the tremendous success of the Excellence in Innovation Award. Their unwavering dedication and ceaseless efforts ensured the smooth conduct of the event, demonstrating their commitment to highlighting and honoring artistic greatness.

BLUE STAR PUBLICATION™ founded on January 7, 2023 emerges as a BEACON of CURIOSITY. Dedicated to igniting inspiration and fostering intellectual discourse, its curated content spans various disciplines, making complex concepts accessible. Beyond writing, BLUE STAR celebrates diverse artists and hosts engaging events, including debates and workshops. Recognizing excellence, it organizes prestigious award ceremonies. BLUE STAR invites readers to embark on a journey of growth and exploration, shaping a future driven by curiosity.

Heartfelt congratulations to all Awardees! Your talent shines brightly, inspiring us all. Wishing you continued success and creativity. Let your Artistic Vision knows no Bounds!

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