Chitra Vakil Sharma: Supporting something doesn’t require being present all the time

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Producer Chitra Vakil Sharma, who is known for her series Tandoor, says that it’s important to support the causes that you believe in and try to do as much as you can to help out. She adds that the way to help out doesn’t always need to involve a physical presence.

“Supporting something doesn’t require being present all the time, mere donation or doing something that helps them or adds value to their cause is enough too. There are many celebrities who actually put their time in but don’t post about it or get clicked while doing it. It’s their personal preference, just because it’s not seen by the world doesn’t mean it’s not happening. As long as it’s coming from the heart and making a difference, it’s okay,” she says.

She adds, “Celebrities are people too, we should say as long as every person does his bit towards something good, it will make all the difference in the world. If just every person helps one in need, it’ll make a huge difference. It’s not like everyone has the time to be at all the places all the time, so they show their support by donating, and in the same way, not everyone has the resources, so their way of helping and making a difference is in their presence and effort.”

However, she adds that it’s important to be completely involved in whatever you believe in. “Do whatever you do with all your heart in it. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do, just like work-life or relationships when you intend to do a good deed, it should be with all your heart. Because we are in a world where we don’t need to spread awareness anymore, everyone is well informed about everything that’s going around them. All we now need is the heart to take the step and show through our actions,” she says.

Ask her about the cause she believes in and supports, and Chitra says, “I am a dog lover, so anything related to them is very close to my heart. I have a dog too and he is like my son, I can’t even imagine him being in pain, so whenever I see other dogs in any situation, I try to do everything possible from my end to help them out. I love feeding and fostering stray dogs. There is always a box of biscuits in my car, so wherever I go, if I see a dog, I put a packet out for them. I have even adopted a habit of regularly feeding and if necessary, taking care of their treatments for all the dogs who have made a home for them in our society.”

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