Dharmendra Singh Chandel with his exceptional acting performance on his way to make a big mark in Hollywood!

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20th July 2023, Mumbai: Dreams and passions may take you anywhere if you have the courage to pursue them and believe in yourself enough. But only a few had the courage to turn their dreams into reality by working hard enough. Dharmendra singh chandel is one among them, a dreamer rather than an ordinary boy. A man who is passionate about acting, the arts, music, Bollywood, and many other things. A man with the audacity to pursue his dream without hesitation. A man who is enthusiastic enough to allow his passion to propel him to great heights.

Dharmendra Singh Chandel possesses remarkable expertise in coding, positioning him among the esteemed ranks of academic geniuses. His educational journey brought him to the prestigious VIT Vellore, where he achieved his graduation with exceptional distinction. He has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious technology businesses, including Cisco, Fidelity Investments Bangalore, and other organisations in Dubai. Dharmendra accomplished so much in his life at such an early age that years later, when things become monotonous and non-compelling, he understood what to do next. And it was there that he chose to follow his passion, his calling, which resides in acting.

Dharmendra enrolled in acting school to hone his skills. He received his acting diploma from The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York, where he learnt a variety of acting and how to be more expressive with his full body and eyes. He works on all aspects of method acting. Dharmendra has trained in dance, stage combat, and has worked on his speaking and articulation to make his mark not just in Bollywood but also in Hollywood.

Dharmendra has been in a number of short films, including In The Night, Sweater, Dhwani, Lost, Counselling Room, The Last Sunrise, Preet, and many more. He has even worked with renowned brands, such as the lead role in the Coca-Cola commercial directed by Alia Azamat Ashkenazi and the WLKATA Robotics ad by Caldera Films. For his incredible performance in Counselling Room, Dharmendra was awarded the best actor award in the Indo-French International Film Festival and the Mokkho International Film Festival.

Dharmendra has gained enough experience to begin his journey in the film industry, and he will soon be releasing his new project with “DHARM ” TV series, the first episode is already done shooting it is directed by Harsh Gupta, produced by Dalit Merenfeld, and edited by the editors of Sacred Games, Kamesh Karna, and will be available on the ott platforms soon.

Dharmendra has recently made his appearance in Amazon Prime Original’s “The marvellous Mrs. Maisel” and DC Studios “Joker 2”, and he has also acted in the music video by Emmy Award winner Jacki Thrapp. Dharmendra is represented by one of the top talent agencies in America, Eris Talent Agency. With Dharmendra’s amazing performance and acting, he’s marking his journey towards Hollywood. Apart from acting, Dharmendra deeply enjoys reading books, playing cricket, guitar, and tennis.

Dharmendra quit his lucrative profession to pursue acting, which is his true calling. The man who has a profound passion for performing and Bollywood and who aspires to success is now building a name for himself in the Hollywood business.

Visit Dharmendra Singh Chandel’s website to know more about his upcoming projects: www.dharmendrasinghchandel.com

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