Doctor Turned Director Nitin Kumar Gupta’s Film “Film The Walk” Get Nominated For The Best Film In Jammu Film Festival!

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21st March, Mumbai: Doctor turned Director & Producer Nitin Kumar Gupta gets his first recognition is Bollywood. His film “The WALK” starring Rahul Roy, Archana Puran Singh, Rupali Yadav & child actor Sparsh Suman have been nominated in Jammu Film festival.

The film depicts the time when the Indian subcontinent is shut down by a devastating Pandemic, Roshan (Rahul Roy) must deliver his dead friend’s son back to his village, across 1000 miles of unforgiving lockdown territory. A bittersweet comedy-drama in the genre of ‘Life Is Beautiful’, inspired by the migrant workers of India who had to walk 1000s of kilometers back to their  homes during the 2020 lockdown.

Rahul Roy plays the main protagonist of the film. Supporting roles are by Archana Puran Singh, Rupali Yadav & child actor Sparsh Suman.

Quote from Director Nitin Kumar Gupta:

The Walk is a bittersweet comedy-drama inspired by the plight of migrant workers during the 2020 lockdown. It is a story about the courage and resilience of the human spirit. With Walk, I want to capture the pain, joy, and hope that comes with the journey of life, and to remind us all that when we stand together, no hardship is insurmountable.

Walk is such a story where we find laughter, love, affection between a grown man & a child, how it binds them together to be a family.

Quote from Rahul Roy:

The Walk is a film which is very close to my heart. It’s about raw human emotions. How Roshan’s pure intentions gave a family to a child who has lost everything.

My life has been nothing short of miracle that ways. I was Golu for Mahesh Bhatt Ji. I learnt from him that relations are by heart & by good deeds. My character Roshan has been inspired by him. The way he has taken me under his wings & nurtured me to give me an identity from Aashiqui, I owe everything to him. I wish a Roshan to every Gold of this world!!

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