Dr. Thousif Pasha welcomed Haji Shihab Chittoor, who embarked on an inspirational journey to Mecca by foot in 12 months.

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Dr. Thousif Pasha is honored to announce and express gratitude to Haji Shihab Chittoor for accepting an invitation to visit our place. Haji Shihab Chittoor, an extraordinary individual with a relentless spirit, recently completed a remarkable journey by foot from India to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 12 months.

His epic journey stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit, showcasing unwavering dedication and determination. Haji Shihab’s story is one of resilience and inspiration, encouraging us all to pursue our dreams with passion and steadfast commitment. His foot journey across borders serves as a vivid reminder that no dream is too distant to achieve when fueled by determination.

Haji Shihab Chittoor’s feat is nothing short of extraordinary, symbolizing the triumph of human perseverance over challenges. His narrative serves as a beacon, urging individuals to embrace the extraordinary in their journeys, no matter the obstacles they may face.

Dr. Thousif Pasha said his presence is sure to inspire and motivate our community, further fostering a sense of determination and resilience among us all.

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