IIPM’s Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri has a reminder for PM Modi before the forthcoming 2024 Budget

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Arindam Chaudhuri, the Honorary Director of IIPM Think Tank, insists that PM Modi must advise his team to read his last book, “2047” before presenting a very crucial election year budget for the country.

He said “This book is a clear Roadmap for India to reach 2047 with pride and its head held high. The punch line— A Roadmap to beating USA & China— says it all”.

Arindam Chaudhuri, who disrupted and revolutionised management education in India and took it to the masses, has inspired people since the 2001 publication of his #1 Monster-Seller on Management, ‘Count Your Chickens Before They, Hatch’. The book was soon followed up with the #1 Best-Seller, ‘The Great Indian Dream’. As one of the pioneering authors who took Management, Economics & Antitheism books to the masses, he has written 14 books, including one slated for release next year.

“2047” is written by him and his Late father Dr Malay Chaudhuri (the founder of IIPM) based upon IIPM Think Tank’s annual budgets over the last three decades. This is the final of what Arindam calls his “Great Indian Dream Trilogy”— aimed at giving India a roadmap to beating the USA and China. The first of the trilogy, “Planning India”, was released in 1997 to mark 50 years of India’s Independence. After 25 years of that, the last in the series, “2047”, was launched on 15th August to coincide with the 75th year of Indian Independence.

The book systematically explains why beating USA & China isn’t just a utopian dream but possible. It begins by explaining how the “Doubling Effect” can make India a 150 Trillion Dollar Economy by 2047 and beat China & USA. While our PM talks of a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025, and people can’t believe it, Arindam explains with elan how an audacious 150 trillion dollar Indian economy is possible by 2047!

“This itself should be a reason for every Indian to read this book and especially our PM Modi and everyone in the Finance Ministry and BJP/RSS leadership if they are serious about their dream of 2047”, said Arindam

The work on the book —announced long before anyone in India was even talking about vision 2047— was on since 2018 when his father Malay was alive.

“If the PM instructs his ministers to read it, it will not only make their job of easier but help PM Modi immensely to provide a blockbuster budget and increase public trust for another five years in office.”

The book tackles all the key issues around the importance of “Purchasing Power”, & How India doesn’t have a Middle Class to How “Employment” can be generated for all.

When asked on more details he said one could download it free from https://www.abillionleaders.com/2047.html or check out any of his Alternative Budgets on YouTube.

Here is a link to one of his latest Budget Shows:

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