India Fashion City Tour 3rd Edition Takes Mumbai by Storm on December 17th

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Mumbai: In the vibrant landscape of India’s fashion industry, anticipation is building for the much-awaited 3rd edition of the India Fashion City Tour (IFCT), scheduled to dazzle Mumbai on December 17th. Spearheaded by the visionary Founder & CEO, Mr. William Xavier, this edition promises to be a celebration of style, diversity, and emerging talent.

The driving force behind IFCT’s success lies in the capable hands of Dream Maker Event and Entertainment, led by the dynamic Ms. Soumya Singh. As the CEO of Dreamz Makers Event & Entertainment, Soumya has proven to be a trailblazer in the Fashion & Beauty Pageant Industry. Her outstanding contributions have earned her the prestigious title of Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 at the Asia Fashion Awards. A beacon for emerging designers, models, and fashion entrepreneurs, Ms. Soumya Singh has been instrumental in uplifting and providing a platform for India’s fashion aspirants. Her leadership at Dreamz Makers has turned the spotlight on India’s fashion potential, both nationally and internationally. Dreams Makers Event and Entertainment are the master franchise holder of IFCT for Maharashtra has been at the forefront of organizing fashion events and entrepreneurship activities. Beyond borders, they have made a mark on the global fashion stage, showcasing India’s rich tapestry of styles and creativity.

The essence of India Fashion City Tour lies in its unique approach. It is not just an event; it’s a journey that traverses cities and regions, uncovering local talents and providing them a stage to shine. IFCT goes beyond being a mere fashion show; it’s a movement to make fashion accessible and inclusive, breaking geographical barriers and fostering a sense of unity through style.

As Mumbai gears up to host the 3rd edition of IFCT, the city anticipates a fusion of tradition and innovation, a spectacle that reflects the kaleidoscope of India’s fashion evolution. The event promises to be a testament to Ms. Soumya Singh’s vision and dedication, showcasing the transformative power of fashion to inspire, empower, and unite. So mark your calendars for December 17th, as India Fashion City Tour takes center stage in the fashion capital, bringing together the best of creativity and glamour.

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