India’s Emerging Start-up ‘NamasteStartup-School of Startup and Innovation’ Launches PGP Program in Start-up and Innovation in Pune

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In the vibrant landscape of entrepreneurship and innovation, education plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of visionaries and pioneers. NamasteStartup- School of Start-up and Innovation has launched Pioneering Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Start-up and Innovation. Its industry-oriented approach, guided by a distinguished panel of mentors, has positioned it at the forefront of start-up education.

The institution’s collaboration with Reliance Animation Studios Pvt Ltd as a Knowledge Partner is a testament to its commitment to offering holistic education. This collaboration enriches the curriculum with industry-specific insights and real-world experiences, ensuring students gain a comprehensive understanding of the startup ecosystem.

NamasteStartup succeeds by helping students start their own businesses, creating a strong environment for startups, and encouraging new and creative ideas. It’s different because it teaches a special way of thinking—being strong, creative, and able to adapt—which is really important for doing well in the uncertain world of starting a business.

NamasteStartup’s faculty comprises esteemed mentors, including Shark Tank India Featured Founders, Forbes 40 Under 40 awardees, recognized mentors from Start-up India, influential start-up leaders, accomplished CEOs, CXOs, seasoned start-up investors, and experienced managers from incubators and accelerators. Their mentorship goes beyond textbooks, providing invaluable insights drawn from personal experiences, nurturing students into well-rounded entrepreneurs.

NamasteStartup’s program serves as India’s prominent platform for grooming individuals into visionary leaders and start-up pioneers. The curriculum is meticulously designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for transforming ideas into viable business ventures. It doesn’t solely focus on theoretical aspects; rather, it bridges the gap between academia and real-world application, ensuring that graduates become job creators.

Moreover, the institution’s is also committed to contribute in Start-up India initiative of Government of India and isn’t confined to urban centres alone. It actively encourages and supports start-ups in rural areas, understanding the immense potential and unique challenges present in these regions. By providing tailored guidance, resources, and mentorship, NamasteStartup aims to empower grassroots innovators and foster a culture of entrepreneurship at the grassroots level.

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