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Chennai,04/02/2024: Ingenious Charm World Records proudly hosted the ICWR Golden Iconic Awards 2024 on February 4th at Sir Pt Thiyagrayar Kalaiyarangam. The prestigious event celebrated individuals who have made remarkable contributions in various fields such as social service, education, entrepreneurship, and social media influence.

Distinguished guests, including Mr. Rajan Inspector of Police Court Security, and notable personalities such as Arun and Arvind (social media influencers and casting directors), Rizwan Hussain Basha (actor, producer, and casting director), and Alfred Jose (humanitarian actor and social media influencer), and Anand Rajendran ICWR chief adjudicator graced the occasion as chief guests of honor.

The event recognized exceptional individuals and organizations through a series of awards. ECR P Saravanan was presented with the Best Social Worker Award on behalf of Thalapathy Vijay Makkal Iyakkam Tamil Vetri Kazhagam in recognition of his outstanding contributions to social welfare. Additionally, awards were given in categories such as Entrepreneur Dr.BakiyaLakshmi, Dr Jayalakshmi for education Nishabegum and UdayKumar.M for business services,Mr Ramesh Chandran for
best Artist, Dr R Chandrika and Bindu Priyanka for sports category while Suhasini Jagan received award for best education influencer Award

Master Videsh Anand was awarded the Best Child Artist accolade for his performance in the movie “Salaar,” while S. Aafiyah Tasneem received the Best Female Child Artist Award for her role in the movie “Chitha.” Dheekshanya Moorthy was honored as the Best Female Child Artist in Television Serials.

The ICWR Golden Iconic Awards 2024 highlighted the achievements of these exemplary individuals and their dedication to their respective fields. The event served as a platform to inspire and recognize exceptional talent across industries.

Also, among the highlights of the ICWR Golden Iconic Awards 2024, Ingenious Charm World Records recognized and honored several individuals who hold impressive records. These remarkable achievers include Sir Keshavaa, Jashwanth.R, Anushka Prakash, Mithun Namburu, Pranav Aathipatala, Navaneet, Hari Prasad, and Pranav M.

One of the notable records acknowledged during the event was the achievement of a mass group of people solving the Pyaminx cube simultaneously. The chief guests of honor also presented accolades to these record holders, further acknowledging their extraordinary talents and accomplishments.

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About Ingenious Charm World Records:
Ingenious Charm World Records is a renowned organization that aims to honor extraordinary individuals and achievements worldwide. Through various recognition programs and events, they aim to showcase and celebrate exceptional talent across different domains.

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