It’s refreshing and gets you to work a bit differently as well, says make-up and hair expert Florian Hurel while sharing his experience of working with Parineeti Chopra

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Hair and makeup have always formed an essential part of everything we see both on-screen and off-screen in the entertainment industry. It can elevate every look with just a little bit of experimentation and of course, some expertise as well. Coming to the rescue for many is ace hair and make-up artist Florian Hurel. Florian has styled all the who’s who of Bollywood and most recently, he worked with Parineeti Chopra again. It is true what they say about creating looks…it is truly an art, but how well one can put their craft is what always stands out. French make-up and hair expert, Florian has mastered the act of blending what suits a celebrity and what he/she prefers. He is truly an expert with magic in his hands. He worked with Parineeti again and he spoke to us about the same. He said, “I was on hair for Parineeti. Yes, it’s been years and it’s always nice to work with a new actor. It’s refreshing and gets you to work a bit differently as well, technically wise.” Well, we can see her look and we see all the good work that’s done here. The subtle hair waves with this simple dress make the entire look elegant and how. Florian is known for curating new looks. He also styled Baahubali actress Tammanah Bhatia this year for the Cannes Film Festival. But bringing your A-game when your work is being scanned on a world stage can be quite a daunting task. However, Florian was at his best with Tammanah’s looks. Talking about the experience, he had said, “Creating looks with her has been fun and yet we kept all the looks very worked on very chic, classy, and elegant. We both spoke a lot about the looks before creating one. I came up with a mood board and was functioning on hardly five hours of sleep a night! I wanted to make sure the ideas are presented to her before jumping into the glam game.”

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