Jagdish Singh Warwal appointed as National Director of Rai Sikh Foundation!

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5th September 2023, Mumbai: Jagdish Singh Warwal, who is a doctor by profession, was appointed the National Director by the officials of Rai Sikh Foundation in the presence of Rai Sikh Foundation founder S. Sandeep Singh Warwal. Sandeep Singh Warwal, founder of Rai Sikh Foundation, said that Jagdish Singh is a social worker, who has been working for the welfare of the society for the last many years, he has pain towards the society, founder Sandeep Singh Warwal said while saying that He is confident that he will continue to work as a team of Rai Sikh Foundation in the efforts being made by Rai Sikh Foundation for the betterment of the society.

More than 700 children are taking free education at about eight centers by Rai Sikh Foundation, and children are also being made aware of moral values by organizing free classes on moral education. Sandeep Singh Warwal told that sewing machine learning center is going to be opened soon in the field of women empowerment.

During the flood crisis that hit Punjab and Haryana last month, teams from Fatehabad in Haryana as well as teams from Firozpur district of Punjab helped the flood victims in every possible way. Where Rai Sikh Foundation is working in the field of education and social welfare, it is also working in the field of health, blood donation was done by 117 people by donating blood in Ratia, Fatehabad district of Haryana province, as well as located in Firozpur district of Punjab.

A blood donation camp was also organized in Guru Har Sahay Vidhan Sabha in which 102 people donated blood. If we talk about nature, Rai Sikh Foundation team took the responsibility of planting saplings in Gurudwara Sahib of Kidawali village of Haryana and raising them on the occasion of Independence Day.

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