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1st May 2023, Mumbai: An M.B.A Graduate, visionary leader, strategic thinker, an entrepreneur for 3 companies, Started Fortune Business Academy with a vision to support 1,00,000 entrepreneurs by 2025. Based on his 20+ Years of experience, created robust and hybrid business model which ensures your business success in ever changing, competitive & digital business needs of tomorrow

A er doing years of research about the start-up ecosystem in India and the problem’s faced by aspiring entrepreneurs / start-ups and & solopreneurs, Fortune Business Academy created simplified yet powerful business model to set foundation and excel in your entrepreneurial journey. In Fortune Business Academy, with immense experience they guide to formulate structured business model which brings the clarity of vision / mission / goals / budge ng / planning of resources to a any your desired business objectives.

Fortune Business Model is tailor made solutions to suite your business objectives. It’s a structured, sustainable, scalable & recession proof business model. Combination of offline as well as online. Simplified Automation process aims to bring down up to 80% off your involvement in day-to-day repetitive activities and at the same it brings at most clarity with a click of a button. So that it increases ease of doing business, reduces stress levels and additional free me helps to involve in critical activities like Research &Development, expansion and growth of your business

They guide to bring your offline business to online, which helps you to build bulletproof business model to excel. This model will guide you, even if you are non-techy. You may not require to spend hell lot of money & me to do it to establishing your business presence online. It guides you to do it on your own. It helps to build your brand & you can utilize the power of social media to maximize your business presence and reach wide area of customers

Once you step it to Fortune Business Academy – they will take care of your business and guides you to bring significant improvement in your business growth. They are providing 360˚view of your business. Once you set it as per the guidelines provided. You can able to detect & tweak required chances to glorify your business results.

Not only that – all of the services offerings from Fortune Business Academy are pocket friendly – if you compare it with average market price, they are offering it at the frac on of the amount– Almost 70-80% less than the average market price in India. Everything which comes at less price won’t be cheap and they provide 10X value for each product you invest, 100% sure that you are not going to get it, anywhere else and they offering minimum 3X Growth guarantee programme.

List not ended yet – it all comes with money back guarantee. They do provide weekly. Fortnight, monthly live consulta on calls as per the module you selected & recording of all sessions, so that you can refer it any me in the future, and recordings will be evident for each discussion it’s made with their representative, these options you won’t get it anywhere else. Fortune Business Academy is committed to provide 100% transparency in all their actions

They also have free one on one consulta on call, before signing a deal, only if both are satisfied with the solutions will move forward. Mr Subramanyam V – Founder of Fortune Business Academy, is so supportive to encourage and guide startups and solopreneurs especially. Because he went through the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurial journey. In some situations, he will go beyond and support them to ensure the success of business owners who associated with Fortune Business Academy

Please visit www.fortunebusinessacademy/webinarregistration page and book your slot to proceed further. You will have 2 options, either you can provide your details and register for upcoming webinar or you can book one on one consul ng call, using Calendly.

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