Meetali Subhash and Jitendra Singh will be seen in Rajnikanth’s upcoming Film THALAIVAR 171

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Meetali Subhash will be seen playing Naina’s Role as an Rajnikanth’s Daughter and Jitendra Singh will be playing a important role of Villan with Raghawa Lawrence in Thalaivar 171

For all ‘Rajnikanth’ fans, we have got a thrilling update for you to anticipate the storyline of Thalaivar 171 Drug Free India Case. This time, it is about a new cast, who is about to join Rajnikanth, as his Daughter’s Role in the the film Thalaivar 171

Meetali Subhash, a young aspiring female actor has finally bagged an opportunity in big-screen movies. She is to be cast as Rajnikanth’s Daughter Charector Name- Naina, in the film Thalaivar 171 of Rajnikanth and Raghawa Lawrence quest of winning over the world.

RAJNIKANTH’S THALAIVAR 171 will be telling a story of how Rajnikanth gets along with his X- R&AW team makes India Drug Free . We don’t know yet whether Meetali Subhash will be representing the role as his biological or adopted Daughter, but we can surely count on the storyline to be mind-wobbling.
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