Riya Vaishnav and Pichwaiwala Narendra Art-Handicrafts Udaipur will be there in Mumbai in India Art Festival on 0811 Feb. 2024 with their recent creations.

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Riya Vaishnav,an emerging Brilliant young Artist inspired by culture of Rajasthan, Heritage and Nature who leads the new generation of Artists with her new vision of Art. Her young enthusiasm and dedication towards Art motivates to take inspiration from Nature and Heritage. Her Art filled up with colours, subject and story telling shows impressive knowledge which glimpses to save and develop Art with discipline.
Riya Vaishnav is a dedicated Artist who started brush on drawing sheet from her early age of 2nd,at this age of 16 she got awarded a dozen of National and International awards in the field of painting. She participated in International exhibitions like “Spectrum 2023” Goa Exhibition organised by FAG International where she got honoured by Honourable Goa CM Dr Pramod Sawant, India Art Festival Mumbai Art Fair & India Art Festival Delhi, also India Art Festival Bengaluru.

She have fantastic knowledge of colours,art & harmony of colours exceptionally at this early age. It’s the result of consistent astaurity of Riya and her family that she is competing with established, skilled and senior artists on different art platforms.
Riya loves to create realistic, Heritage and Nature paintings. Recently she got honoured by Honourable Governor of Assam Shree Gulab Chand Kataria ji as she won 10th Bird Festival Udaipur Painting Competition organised by WWF India.

Pichwaiwala commits for awesome artistic Pichhwai paintings of decades old culture with a new vision. He provides rare opportunity of fresh creativity and experienced speciality art to the art lovers.
Pichhwai Art is captivating & cultural Indian Art form i.e. creation of Mewar Rajasthan. It was originated before 400 centuries at the time of Emperor Maharana Raj Singh in Pushtimarg Haveli. Pichwaiwala family members created World Records in short Pichhwai paintings.The family was working on Haveli (Palace).
The Pichhwai is famous for its livelihood colours and tough detailing. Pichhwai Art mainly describes daily routine of Lord Krishna.

Pichwaiwala family is dedicated to this art from last 7 to 8 decades and they are polishing it continuously with Grand father Jai Kishan ji, father Narendra Singh ji,Karan Singh himself and family members Mahendra Singh, Chander Singh, Rahul Kumar Soni and Kailash.
Rahul Kumar Soni is created World Record in his unique Art technics. He holds more than dozen recognised awards.His dedication and hard work have set a new standard for excellence inspiring us all to reach for greatness.
Rahul Soni got inspired by his mother who was Miniature Artist & he used to follow his mother from his early age but started work as professional artist from the age of 14. Thereafter he met Pichwaiwala Mr Karan Singh and started Pichhwai art.
Karan Singh and Rahul Soni shared intresting things about Pichhwai Art that it’s prepared only under Natural Lights with Stone Colours with the help of brush having only single hair in it.
Rahul Soni set a new standard in Pichhwai art form by his creative skills as Pichhwai art used to be prepared on a standard size of 6×4 ft goza cotton clothes, which he micronized to 6×4″ and then 1×1″, so Rahul Soni originated new ideas of Micro-Pichhwai & Micro-Miniature Art.

Rahul Soni created unique Micro-Miniature Art on a mustard seed, he created a beak of Kingfisher,then a fish in this humming Bird’s beak in which eye of fish can be seen.
Mr Rahul Soni created a New Era of Micro-Pichhwai and Micro-Miniature.
The Incredible Pichhwai Art which we are watching have a great History,hard work of generations with its golden historical journey of Centuries.

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