Royal Bengal Master Chef Organization Hosts Grand Anniversary Celebration and Chef Award Ceremony

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On 10 th February 24, The Royal Bengal Master Chef Organization celebrated their 3rd pre birthday blast and International Chef Award Ceremony at The Circle Club VIP Rd, Airport, Tegharia, Rajarhat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700052..

The honarable Chief Guests of this program were..

  1. Master Chef Pritam Sarkar ( Global MD & President )
  2. Mrs. Sudipta Barua Sarkar ( Sr. Joint Secretary )
  3. Chef Kaushik Rakshit ( Event Manager)
  4. Mrs Paulamy Sarkar Jana ( Joint Editor)
  5. Master Chef Lawrence Gomes ( National Ambassador )
  6. Mr. Arindam Sarkar ( Treasurer )
  7. Chef Tania Rahman Shrishti ( Sr. Vice President – Bangladesh Chapter )
  8. Chef Romana Afroz Rimjhim ( Vice President – Bangladesh Chapter)
  9. Chef Sultana Rajia Naznin ( General Secretary – Bangladesh – Chapter)
  10. Chef Farzana Baten ( Joint Secretary – Bangladesh – Chapter )
  11. Chef Salma Banu ( Treasurer – Bangladesh Chapter )
  12. Chef Sabiha Banu ( Cultural Secretary – Bangladesh – Chapter )
  13. Chef Meherun Akter Mary ( Social Welfare & National co ordinator – Bangladesh Chapter )
  14. Chef Arifa Jahan ( Event Organiser – Bangladesh Chapter)
  15. World Master Chef Sylvester Rozario ( Chairman Of World Master Chefs Society – Indian Chapter )
  16. Chef Ammar Molki ( Master Chef Lebanese Cuisine Of Lebanon )
  17. Celebrity Actor Mrs Arpita Mukherjee

Some Awardies are :

  1. Chef Mamoni Das ( Best Bengali Home Chef Award )
  2. Chef Rima Das ( creative chef award )
  3. Chef Tania Jahan ( Best home bakery chef award)
    4 Chef Ritabrata Biswas ( Best Continental Chef Award)
  4. Mrs Deepshikha Aditya ( Women Entrepreneur in Food & Hospitality Sector Award)
  5. Chef Lobbi Rahman ( International Chef Award) and many more..

📌The Royal Bengal Master chef Organization is a Government of India approved organization, established as the first Chef Organization in West Bengal on 24th February 2021. The Culinary Magazine of this organization was launched on 10th August 2021 by World Master Chef Sylvester Rozario. The organization is the result of the tireless work of Master Chef Pritam Sarkar, the president of the organization, and other members.

📌World Master Chef Sylvester Rozario , has been appointed as the chairman of the organization. The main purpose of this organization is to give proper status to the chefs who are
not known for not getting the right platform despite of their qualifications. Moreover, one of the objectives of the organization is to provide proper guidance to those who want to be associated with this culinary world, to protest against injustice done to chefs in the workplace and to arrange
placements according to the qualifications of the members who want placement.

📌This organization also have a moto to give homechefs a new prestigeous platform to showcase their expertise through our different culinary compitition.

📌Not only that ,in near future we would like to give a professional platform to home chefs as well as freshers who are willing to come and assosiated in culinary industry through proper training .

📌We will provide a short term and full term course in hotel management as well as provide a professional internship too.

So please keep blessings for us , we are happy to be with you .

For more details contact us: +91 097487 34591

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