Sagar Kukreti on a mission to give every home an aesthetic appearance with installation of high-quality uPVC!

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15th July 2023, Mumbai: Imagine yourself enjoying a chai pakora while it is raining, sitting on a chair with a blanket covering you, and feeling the cool breeze caress your face. You are feeling cosy when all of a sudden you realise that the rain is making your home wet and your pakoras are becoming soggy. You stand up, shut the door, and are no longer able to take advantage of the lovely weather. Oh, did I ruin your fantastic movie experience? What if this were actually taking place? Your momma would have scolded you since the house would have been wet.

So, how can you recreate that snug, exclusive hotel experience at home? without getting wet and having your mother yell at you. The answer is right here for you. Get uPVC. You may wonder what this is. Well, it is the thing that you see in most of the hotels and rooms on doors and on windows that gives you a mesmerising view while sipping your coffee or chai. uPVC is a solid material that is used in the construction industry to make different things. Give your home an aesthetic look by installing uPVC from Sagar Kukreti. He and his team put forth a lot of effort to give each home a lovely appearance so that family members can make wonderful memories there.

Not only this, but The Design Studio also gives back to society by making doors and windows out of environmentally friendly supplies, which helps to save forests. Additionally, since 2018, Sagar Kukreti and his colleagues have planted over 2,000 trees with plans to plant more.

Why use uPVC? It should also work with regular translucent window glass, right? Nope. uPVC has a lot of benefits. Its extended lifespan and superb capacity to shield you from the sun, rain, and dust. uPVC is minimal maintenance, requires only a single cleaning to last a very long time, is secure, and has the capacity to reduce outside noise levels. uPVC is playing a big part in giving homes a comfortable, and attractive appearance.

Sagar Kukreti has been working in the construction sector since 2018 and uses his creativity and uPVC installation to provide numerous homes with amazing aesthetics. The Design Studio’s creator, Uttarakhand-native Sagar Kukreti, is on a mission to give every home a stunning appearance built on the principles of design, quality, and attention to detail. The Design Studio has grown to now offer flexible uPVC extrusion in addition to creating proprietary magnetic sealing systems used in the refrigeration industry.

Sagar Kukreti has experience creating the residences of several well-known people. He now serves as a major provider to many illustrious residences. Sagar Kukreti’s vision has allowed his team and business to reach several milestones and advance even further. By paying honour to Sagar Kukreti’s legacy and carrying on the tradition he started, which is one of the finest levels of craftsmanship, The Design Studio is following a route that Sagar Kukreti paved.

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