Shibina Organics Stands Out By Promoting Natural Beauty While Making a Difference!

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Mumbai: In our world today, many women want to look stunning and beautiful, so they use makeup. Some women love putting on makeup no matter what they’re doing. Makeup is like a magic tool that helps make someone’s appearance more attractive. But here’s the thing: even though makeup can hide skin problems like pimples and freckles, it might not be the best thing for women. It can actually harm the skin, but wearing makeup that actually suits your skin can let a woman’s beauty shine. Plus, some makeups have harmful stuff in them that can be bad for a woman’s health. That’s why Shibina Organics, a company founded by Tina Bol in West Bengal, is doing things differently.

Shibina Organics is a company that makes organic beauty and cosmetic products, as well as food and beverages. It’s been around since 2021 and is what we call an FMCG company. That means it makes things we use every day. The founder, Tina Bol, not only started Shibina Organics but also founded an NGO called Swati Welfare Foundation. This NGO is like a helping hand that reaches out to those in need. Shibina Organics believes in the power of women. About 150 women work at the company, and they are a crucial part of making it successful. This company is about making a positive impact on society. They know that when women are given the chance to work and grow, it’s not just good for them but for everyone. It is about building a stronger and fairer community.

Swati Welfare Foundation does more better things for women the community. They focus on education, food, and art & craft for around 2000 child laborers from 156 brickklins. Imagine kids who should be playing and learning being stuck in hard jobs. Shibina Organics wants to change that and give these kids a chance for a brighter future. Shibina Organics cares about animals too, especially the ones living on the streets. They work towards helping street animals in West Bengal. It’s like they have a big heart for everyone in the community, humans and animals alike.

Shibina Organics want to make sure that the products they create are good for the people using them and for the environment. They also want to make a difference in the lives of women, children, and animals. It’s like they are saying, “Beauty doesn’t have to harm, and business can be a force for good.” Shibina Organics stands out by promoting beauty but safely. In fact some makeup products can be harmful. So, Shibani Organics create products that are organic, meaning they don’t have harmful chemicals. This not only makes people look flawless but also keeps their skin healthy.

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