Sui Dhaga Launches as India’s First Fashion Rental App, Seeks Seed Funding for AI Integration

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In a groundbreaking move for India’s fashion industry, Akash Patro, a seasoned entrepreneur with a vision for the future of fashion, has launched Sui Dhaga—an innovative platform set to redefine the way Indians experience and engage with designer wear.

The Visionary Founder:

With an extensive background in SAAS and B2B sales, Akash Patro envisions Sui Dhaga as the pioneer of India’s fashion rental landscape. His mission is to seamlessly blend technology with sustainable fashion practices, offering users unparalleled access to designer wear while contributing to a greener, more sustainable fashion ecosystem.

The Sui Dhaga Platform:

Sui Dhaga, accessible at, is not just a rental platform; it is a fusion of fashion and cutting-edge technology. The platform boasts an array of features, including a virtual try-on facility, AI-powered fashion consultation, and a digital wardrobe assistant. Sui Dhaga aims to make fashion more accessible, engaging, and environmentally responsible.

Seeking Seed Funding:

In its early stages, Sui Dhaga is actively seeking seed funding to fuel its mission of becoming India’s first Fashion Rental App with AI integration. The funds will be utilized to enhance the platform’s capabilities, further develop the AI technology, and onboard more designers, ensuring a diverse and extensive collection for users.

The Core Team:

Backing Akash Patro in this endeavor is a dynamic and experienced core team:

  • Satya Prakash (CFO): With 15+ years in finance, Satya brings invaluable expertise in financial management and strategic planning.
  • Bijoy Das (Strategic Director): A strategic visionary, Bijoy Das plays a crucial role in guiding Sui Dhaga’s growth and market penetration.
  • Plaban Mohanty (COO): Plaban oversees the day-to-day operations, ensuring seamless execution of Sui Dhaga’s vision.
  • Sabyasachi Sathpathy (Design Head): Renowned fashion designer Sabyasachi leads the design and quality control, adding his creative touch to the platform.

Looking Ahead:

Sui Dhaga envisions not only becoming a go-to platform for renting designer wear but also a catalyst for positive change in the fashion industry. The platform strives to empower designers, offer users an unmatched fashion experience, and contribute to the larger goal of sustainable fashion.

As Sui Dhaga embarks on this exciting journey, fashion enthusiasts and investors alike are invited to explore the platform, experience the future of fashion, and join hands in making Sui Dhaga the epitome of style, innovation, and sustainability.

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