Tech Entrepreneur Kashif Xaviera Unveils Pikkar, A Game-Changer in Ride Sharing!

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8th August 2023, Mumbai: Tech Entrepreneur Kashif Xaviera has unveiled Pikkar, a game-changing ride-sharing app that aims to revolutionize the app-based cab industry in Hyderabad. Offering a seamless commuting experience with rapid bike, economic auto, and premium cab options, Pikkar stands out by prioritizing both riders and drivers equally.

Unlike its competitors, Pikkar implements a driver-oriented pricing model. Instead of charging drivers a commission from their earnings, Pikkar only requires a nominal monthly subscription fee starting from Rs. One Thousand. This empowers drivers to have more control over their earnings and eliminates the need to worry about third-party commissions or overcharging customers. The unique pricing model also allows Pikkar and its drivers to offer competitive rates, making it an affordable choice for commuters and attracting more riders.

“Your present does not hold the capacity to decide your future” says Kashif Xaviera, the 30-year-old entrepreneur who is passionate about technology and its positive effects for the greater good. 30-year-old, Kashif hails from Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs but aspires to leave his mark all over the world. His journey has been nothing short of motivational and Kashif has come a long way to make his 16-year-old self who dropped out of school extremely proud. Kashif’s modest beginnings started with an unusually difficult decision to drop out due to financial constraints. While many would have seen this as a daunting phase, the 16-year-old Kashif used this time to explore his interests and find work that floated his boat. 

Kashif’s fascination for computers, drew his attention to the old-school cyber-cafes where he would spend hours browsing the internet, reading about technology updates, and playing games. He would save whatever money he could manage and spend it at the cyber-café to browse the internet and learn website and app development. Kashif calls the internet a goldmine for self-learners.

In this pursuit he came across Elance-o Desk (now Upwork) where he waited for 6 months to fetch his first job. In the meantime, Kashif worked on his communication and linguistic skills and one fine day, a gentleman from the US handed Kashif his first project and a paycheck. Young entrepreneur reinvested the money back in the business and custom-built a PC and got an internet connection at home. In Kashif’s words, this decision changed the game for him. Three years and multiple projects later, Kashif started his first venture, Xaviera.Tech- a full-service web and app development agency which until today has catered to more than 2000 clients. Today Xaviera has also ventured into blockchain development and execution projects.

Kashif’s secret of going ahead is getting updated and reinventing oneself. He believes in the power of automation and building businesses for the greater good. Technology should make things easy and accessible for everyone, rather than creating barriers of monopolization and cartelization, says Kashif who witnessed the hardships of cab drivers in Hyderabad who have been paying substantial commission amounts to ride-sharing apps. In this pursuit, Kashif has now introduced Pikkar, a driver-centric ride sharing platform that offers a one-of-a-kind solution by charging riders only a monthly subscription fee in place of highly taxing commission models. Kashif firmly believes that Pikkar’s model will revolutionize ride sharing and is a first of many positive developments to happen in this space.

While currently only available in Hyderabad, Pikkar plans to expand to other Indian cities in the near future. The app is readily available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store. With its unique pricing model and driver-friendly features, Pikkar has the potential to become the preferred ride-sharing app for drivers and commuters across India. Positioned as a fresh and innovative entrant in the competitive market, Pikkar aims to carve its niche alongside existing players like Ola and Uber. Hyderabad- gear up for Pikkar as they come to pick you up!

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