Under the Initiative of Sajal Barman and Babai Sen, the First Time full-Length Film is set to be Released in India.

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Next month in May, a full-length film focusing on the Coochbehar district of West Bengal is set to be released.

The story and Directed by Babai Sen, necessitating the involvement of Coochbehar District, Mr. Sajal Barman The film features renowned actors and actresses from both Bengal and Mumbai.

Mr. Sajal Barman has taken the initiative, in collaboration with Babai Sen, to create a platform dedicated to the Rajbanshi language of Coochbehar. This platform aims to showcase local talent from both the eastern and western parts of Bengal and bring them to the forefront of society. His deep thoughts and aspirations have earned respect from various stakeholders and levels of society in Coochbehar.

Sajal Babu believes in the trust placed upon him by Mr. Babai Sen, and we too believe in their success.

We wish them success in their beautiful vision and thoughts

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