Vidu Export’s Pushpini Cotton Pads Pledges Support to Improve Menstrual Hygiene and Awareness Among People

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As we casually scrolled through the news online, something caught our attention—an eye-opening survey conducted. The survey revealed a surprising fact: a whopping 49.60% of women in India still use cloths during their periods. This statistic struck a chord, making us reflect on the urgent need to reduce this number. Let’s work together to break the barriers and provide better menstrual hygiene solutions for all women. Imagine a future where no woman has to resort to using clothes during menstruation.

Vidu Export’s Pushpini, based in Jalna, Maharashtra, India, was founded by Sudarshan Vishnu Bankar in 2022. What’s unique about this company is that it is established in a village, emphasizing the importance of reaching even the remotest areas with menstrual hygiene solutions. Pushpini is cotton based antibacterial sanitary pad which may helps women to achieve more comfort and long lasting dryness through out menstruation. The vidu exports continues working on quality and efficiency of the sanitary within lower cost. Menstrual disorders are common problems that affect a woman’s normal menstrual cycle. These can include painful cramps, abnormally heavy bleeding, or the absence of any bleeding. Vidu Export’s Pushpini aims to promote awareness about menstrual health and hygiene.

Menstruation, also known as “menses” or a “period,” is the monthly flow of blood from the uterus through the cervix and out through the vagina. This natural process occurs during the years between puberty and menopause. While women have been advocating for accessible hygiene products and working to erase stigmas surrounding menstruation, it’s only recently that menstruation awareness has gained prominence on a national stage.

Menstruation awareness goes beyond just making hygiene products available. It encompasses a broader vision, aiming to break taboos and address the social superstitions associated with periods. Vidu Export’s exclusive product Pushpini is playing a crucial role in this movement by not only providing menstrual products but also by promoting awareness about menstrual health. The initiative by Vidu Export’s Pushpini aligns with the broader goal of ensuring that every woman, regardless of her background or location, has access to proper menstrual hygiene resources. By establishing their company in a village, they are reaching out to communities that may not have easy access to such essential products.

The importance of menstrual hygiene cannot be overstated. Vidu Export’s Pushpini commitment to raising awareness and providing essential products is a commendable step towards breaking the barriers surrounding menstruation.

By Yashika Desai

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