Yasharth Verma: A journey of successful campaigns from Punjab to Canada!

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7th April 2023, Mumbai: Consulting based on the social media, election strategy and political campaign has been picking across all the countries and democracies. Strategist based out in India have now started exploring options across various countries. Yasharth Verma who now is consulting politicians in Canada entered in this profession in 2016 after the success of his ecommerce startup and getting a round of funding from angel investors.

He moved to election consulting in 2016 with Captain Amarinder Singh former Chief Minister Punjab and President Punjab Congress in India. 2017 Punjab state election was a big victory for Captain Amarinder Singh who was sworn as Chief Minister in 2017. Yasharth Verma was later appointed as Consultant to Chief Minister Punjab & Department of Information and Public Relation, Government of Punjab. By this time, he was involved with many politicians across India for consulting. He was involved with major elections ranging from 2019 Lok Sabha elections, 2022 Vidhan Sabha elections, Panchyat Elections and Corporation election, when he got in touch with a minister in Ontario Government in Canada.

He started consulting, social media, communications and strategy for Canadian Politicians. His first election was the most challenging which was Mayor election for Brampton. The candidate secured a second position but with total number of votes which nobody could have ever imagined. All the prediction failed and every one was taken for a surprise. He also worked for few more Mayor elections in 2022 and Councilor elections in 2022 in Ontario. He got in touch with few senior leaders from the Conservative party of Canada and started their communication and strategy for the ridings and social media. Melissa Lantsman, deputy leader of Opposition, Lianne Rood Shadow Minister are some of the prominent names.

On asking whether he is sticking to an ideology his answer was that it is totally professional and he met with Anita Anand, Defence Minsiter of Canada, MP from Liberal Party and was impressed with her approach. He will be getting in touch with member of Liberal Party as well for federal elections. Currently he is engaged with the upcoming Toronto Mayor election in June 2023. He says his biggest asset is the confidence which various associations have put in him believing in the theory of working for a person who will work towards a united and strong Canada with equal representation of all the ethnicity where there will be no place for racism and hatred.

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