Fox Story India introduces Nitara Abeer & Vikram as their first AI Anchor on 26th July Kargil Vijay Diwas!

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27th July 2023, Mumbai: Fox Story India, a leading media platform renowned for its cutting-edge content, is thrilled to announce the launch of two pioneering AI Anchors, Nitara Abeer and Vikram. This groundbreaking step ushers in a new era of information dissemination on social media, providing users with concise and engaging one-minute shorts and reels for daily news updates.

Nitara Abeer and Vikram will captivate audiences with their seamless and insightful delivery of information, leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. As AI Anchors, they will deliver a dynamic news experience across various social media platforms, catering to the preferences of the modern digital audience.

What makes Nitara Abeer and Vikram truly unique is not just their state-of-the-art technology but also the powerful symbolism behind their names. Nitara Abeer, a combination of Hindu and Muslim names, represents Fox Story India’s commitment to unbiased reporting and secularism. By embracing diverse identities, Nitara Abeer stands as a beacon of inclusive and impartial information delivery.

Furthermore, Fox Story India pays homage to the heroic spirit of Kargil War Captain Vikram Batra by naming one of its AI Anchors after him. The decision to honor Captain Vikram Batra, a brave and celebrated war hero, reflects Fox Story India’s admiration for his sacrifices and dedication to the nation.

“We are excited to introduce Nitara Abeer and Vikram as our AI Anchors, revolutionizing how news is consumed on social media,” said Mr. Ganesh Datha, Editor of Fox Story India. “Their names hold significant meaning, representing our core values of impartiality, inclusivity, and respect for the nation’s heroes like Captain Vikram Batra.”

With Nitara Abeer and Vikram, Fox Story India aims to provide a comprehensive news experience to its diverse audience, catering to their interests across various topics, including current affairs, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, and more.

The launch of Nitara Abeer and Vikram reinforces Fox Story India’s commitment to delivering innovative and dynamic content while staying true to its core values of fairness, authenticity, and unbiased reporting.

Stay tuned to Fox Story India’s social media channels and website to witness the debut of Nitara Abeer and Vikram as the AI Anchors, offering an immersive and revolutionary news experience.

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